Master U

Master UMASTER U is a London-based manufacturer of state-of-the-art leather fetish and bondage gear.

Producing leather slings, hoods, sleep-sacks, restraints, bespoke clothing and equipment with unrivalled attention to detail and quality.

We produce state-of-the-art leather slings, hoods, sleepsacks and restraints with unrivalled attention to detail and quality.

The Master U shop offers a wide range of sex accessories that meet our unusually demanding standards.


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  1. Came across this aicrtle from @edencafe on Twitter. I think your comparison here is interesting. But there’s a huge, crucial difference. In BDSM, my understanding is that the majority of people in that community are there by choice. If someone is in a master/slave relationship, it’s because that is what fulfills them sexually. At least, that’s the ideal that this community espouses. And if at some point, a person in such a relationship decides it’s not for them any more, they ought to be able to leave unless it has turned into an actually abusive relationship, which is a different matter altogether.However, in the conservative Christian culture, there is not that choice. A man is expected to be the leader whether or not that is what he prefers. A woman is expected to be submissive again, regardless of her personal preference. And that power dynamic is not just limited to the bedroom. It extends in many Christian churches to all aspects of life and to everyone in the congregation young, old, married, not married. To go against that setup is to risk being alienated and harshly judged. It has nothing to do with what is sexually fulfilling for a particular couple. It is considered the way things ought to be for everyone and for all time. It’s not like that in all Christian communities, though. And there are some truly happy marriages within that patriarchal framework. But there are also many deeply discontented people and people for whom this system is damaging and wounding. One more thing Christian theology doesn’t teach a master/slave relationship. God is imaged as a loving parent, as a lover, as a friend. Serving is presented as a mutual activity, to be done first by the strongest on behalf of the weakest.

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